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Who is this Diploma for?

This Diploma is designed for doctors seeing patients with skin disease on a regular basis who wish to up-skill in Specialist Dermatology

Please note: This is NOT a basic GP Diploma in Dermatology.

There is an assumed level of basic knowledge and it is therefore not suitable for GPs without previous dermatology experience.

The St John’s Diploma
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Who is eligible to apply?

Below are examples of appropriate career grades/posts (or international equivalents) which are well-suited to the diploma. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Dermatology clinical fellows or house officers

  • Dermatology trainees/residents

  • Dermatology consultants/attendings

  • Dermatology specialty doctors, staff grade or associate specialists (SAS)

  • Dermatology GPwERs (GP's with extended role in dermatology) wishing to broaden knowledge beyond their basic GP Diploma

  • Allied specialists who see a large number of patients with skin disorders eg. Plastic surgery, infectious diseases, rheumatology, paediatricians, oncologists

Entry requirements

  • This Diploma is ideal for those wishing to get a grounding in secondary care dermatology and up-skill within specialist areas that they may not get exposure to during their clinical practice.

  • Please see the curricula for each module on our 'Modules' page for full details on what is covered

  • Learners must

    • Be fully qualified medical doctors

    • Be proficient in the English language to a sufficient level for postgraduate medical education - A rough guide would be equivalent to at least IELTS level 5/6

    • Have a grounding in basic dermatology. This qualification focusses on secondary care and tertiary care dermatology and therefore there is an assumed level of basic knowledge- going into the diploma

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Other healthcare professionals

Unfortunately, this Diploma is currently for Doctors only. We hope to be able to offer tailored qualifications for other healthcare professionals in the future. Please join our mailing list to be kept up-to-date on any developments.



Other Allied Healthcare Professionals

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