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The Diploma

The St John’s Diploma

What is the St John’s Diploma?

The St John’s Diploma in Specialist Dermatology is the world’s first and only part-time fully online distance learning qualification in specialist dermatology (secondary and tertiary care level). 


Learners will have access to multiple modules around secondary and tertiary care topics in Dermatology, each with a designated number of credits. Upon completion of the online summative assessment at the end of each module, the learner will bank a specific number of credits. A total of 120 credits need to be attained within 12 months in order to be successfully awarded the Diploma qualification. Learners will continue to have access to all modules should they wish to complete these for the remainder of the 12-month period.

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Who is this Diploma for?

This Diploma is ideal for all doctors globally working in dermatology, or with prior dermatology experience, wanting to broaden their knowledge/expertise in:

Secondary care/hospital dermatology

Specialist areas within dermatology

Note: This is NOT a basic dermatology Diploma for those without prior experience of seeing patients with skin disease as there is an assumed level of basic knowledge. This is NOT a basic GP diploma in Dermatology.

The St John’s Diploma
The St John’s Diploma

The Diploma is ideal for those wishing get a grounding in secondary care dermatology and upskill within specialist areas that they may not get exposure to during their local practice. Examples of those who may be interested (or equivalent international grades):

Dermatology clinical fellows or house officers

Dermatology trainees/residents

Dermatology consultants/attendings

Dermatology specialty doctors, staff grade or associate specialists (SAS)

Dermatology GPwERs (GP’s with extended role in dermatology) wishing to broaden knowledge beyond their basic GP Diploma

Allied specialists who see a large number of patients with skin disorders eg. Plastic surgery, infectious diseases, rheumatology, paediatricians, oncologist

What does this Diploma provide?

The highest quality distance learning education in specialist dermatology, using the unique expertise of our faculty alongside innovative technologies to deliver our educational offering

A grounding in secondary care dermatology, building into more specialist (tertiary level) knowledge within particular areas

The flexibility to learn at your own pace using desktop, tablet and/or mobile app platforms, including offline access

The flexibility to study part-time around your usual work, study, and life commitments

Discounted attendance at St John’s DermAcademy educational courses (

An institutional qualification (Diploma) from the world renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology

Note: This is an institutional qualification from the St John’s Institute of Dermatology, NOT a university qualification

The St John’s Diploma
The St John’s Diploma

Course aims and learning outcomes

We aim to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to diagnose and manage skin diseases anywhere in the world, and therefore provide patients suffering with these diseases with the best possible care. 

Overall programme aims:

Develop a structured, evidence-based, approach to understanding, diagnosing and managing skin diseases presenting to secondary and tertiary care

Develop a deeper specialist knowledge within select areas of dermatology

Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be applied to your clinical practice to better the care of your patients anywhere in the world

Promote awareness of the limitations of our current practice, and future priorities for research

Promote national and international collaboration between course participants

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